Fast Internet

Rentafi uses Singapore’s latest 4G network to provide you with a blazing fast internet connection anywhere. We regularly clock 30 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload speeds.



Unlimited Data

Our portable WiFi comes with UNLIMITED data, so your users will never worry about running out of credit halfway while replying an email or having a Skype conference call.



Share WiFi

Have a smartphone, tablet and laptop? No problem! Our portable WiFi can connect up to 5 devices for optimal surfing experience.



Delivery to Your Doorstep

In a rush? Your portable WiFi is already waiting for you as earlier indicated, be it event venue or hotel.



Secured Network

Rentafi uses WPA2 security to encrypt your Wi-Fi connections. This keeps you safe while you surf and prevents others from stealing your information.



Technical Support

In the event that the portable WiFi malfunctions, Rentafi is around to provide speedy remedy. Our clients value the assurance that we’re always available to troubleshoot.


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