Event Portfolio

4G WiFi is becoming the preferred access option for business applications and situations. Below are a selection of most popular usage of our WiFi.

Venue: National Museum

Attendance: 250 pax

Though there is a free public WiFi in the Museum itself. Rentafi was enagaged to provide internet access solely to cater 250 people for the event and slide show presentation with live streaming for 2 platforms concurrently.

Venue: Esplanade Recital Studio

Attendance: 150 pax

A pigeon hole live conference in an auditorium, where attendees can ask questions, vote on polls and also submit feedback.

Venue: Swissotel The Stamford, Stamford Ballroom

Attendance: 500 pax

A mixture of a ballroom conference talk plus an entire level supply of internet access for attendees. Our team was on-site throughout the event dates to quickly fix any technical issue.

Venue: Lifelong Learning Institute

Attendance: 120 pax

Web based learning. As such, they usually will be provided with laptops and tablets for attendies as tools for the day. Hence, they require strong WiFi connection to support the programme.

Venue: Changi Business Park

Attendance: 40 pax

A workshop held in an office needed strong internet connection. 

Venue: Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall

Attendance: 10 pax

We set-up reliable unlimited 4G internet connection for client’s booth conducting demos or showcasing of their products.

Venue: Geylang Football Field

Attendance: 70 pax

Annually we were engaged to provide internet in the locker rest room, also outdoor in the soccer field for international  footballers. 

Venue: Science Centre

Attendance: 50 pax

Client engaged us for a temporary internet access for them to register interested applicants prior to event.