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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Rentafi’s mobile hotspot device all about?

It’s a wireless hotspot that gives any Wi-Fi enabled device (smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc) access to a 4G internet connection. It requires no installation, cables or software and fits in your pocket easily – it’s just the size of an iPhone 4!

On top of giving you a secure and fast internet connection wherever you are, this device will save you a fortune on data roaming fees or event Wifi rental. In other countries which provide rental of similar devices, this is also known as Internet Rental, Pocket Wifi, Portable Wifi, Wifi egg, PiFi, Mobile Wifi or MiFi. In Singapore, we call it the mobile hotspot!

As our simcards and data plans are subscribed from the local telecommunication companies (SingTel, Starhub and M1), you can be assured of its reliability. Honestly, we really believe it is the best friend for travelers who seek to have a high quality trip in Singapore with the internet at their fingertips!

How do I connect my devices to my Rentafi mobile hotspot device?

Simply switch on the device, connect to the Wi-Fi network with the preset password and start surfing. It’s that easy! No installation is required. We’ll also include a short user guide with the package that teaches you how to use our device.

If you require any technical assistance, which is quite rare, feel free to contact us at the technical hotline that was provided in your confirmation email.

How many devices can I connect?

You can connect a maximum of 10 Wi-Fi-enabled devices to a single Rentafi mobile hotspot device. However, our experience tells us that you’ll be better off connecting about 3 – 4 devices only. While our 4G powered devices are really fast, sharing it with too many devices may cause all of them to end up with slow internet. Now imagine if you had a slower 3G connection….good luck sharing that!

Sharing the connection with your friends also helps you reduce the overall cost. And let’s not forget the thanks and appreciation you’ll be getting from them!

Can I use my Rentafi mobile hotspot device overseas?

Our mobile hotspot device works islandwide on Singapore only, and will stop working once you leave Singapore! You might still have reception while out at sea on your yacht, but we can’t guarantee it. It’s best to stay on land for optimal coverage.

How to know if a service provider is renting out 3G or 4G devices?

Currently, we are the first service provider for 4G Wi-Fi rental in Singapore.

If the foreign service providers do not state that their Wi-Fi speed in Singapore is 4G, then they are most likely providing 3G Wi-Fi rental. To confirm, if the service provider says that the download speed is 21.6Mbps, it is definitely 3G. The download speed for 4G service is 75Mbps – 150Mbps.

In addition, the above speed are the theoretical speed which are unrealistic. On average, the speed for 3G is 0.6 – 1 Mbps but 4G speed is 10 times faster at 12.3 – 29.9 Mbps.

Can I make calls or send SMS with the mobile hotspot?

Our mobile hotspot device does not provide voice calls or SMS via cellular networks. However, it’s fast enough for you to make VoIP calls over Skype and message your friends using Whatsapp.

How long can the battery last?

A fully charged battery enables 8-10 hours of active connection on average. The maximum standby time of the mobile hotspot device is 500 hours. We provide a charger in the package for you to keep your device charged and ready for the next day.

What is the download/upload speed of my Rentafi mobile hotspot device?

Here is a quick comparison of internet speeds in Singapore:


Typical broadband connection:

5.5 – 6.2 Mbps

Average 3G speed:

0.6 – 1.9 Mbps

Average 4G speed:

12.3 – 29.9 Mbps


Is there a limit on the data I can use?

Currently we’re offering unlimited data for our devices. Don’t worry about being cut off while surfing halfway!

How do I receive my Rentafi mobile hotspot device?

While filling up the rental form, provide us with the name and address of the hotel that you will be staying in. We will deliver the device to your hotel concierge and attention it to you. While checking in, simply request for it and you can collect it immediately.

If you are staying at a residence address (friends/relatives’ house) or Airbnb apartment, simply indicate the residence address in the rental form. We will deliver the device to you personally at your indicated address and timing.

How do I return my Rentafi mobile hotspot device?

Before you check out, remember to leave our mobile hotspot device with the hotel concierge and attention it to us. We’ll send someone over to pick it up as soon as possible.

If you are staying at a residence address (friends/relatives’ house) or Airbnb apartment, we will collect the device from you personally at your indicated address and timing.

What happens if the Rentafi mobile hotspot device is lost, stolen or damaged?

If the device is lost or stolen, contact us immediately via email or phone. In the event that the device cannot be recovered, the deposit of S$200 will be deducted from your credit card. If the device is damaged, depending on the extent of damage, an amount up to the deposit of S$200 will be deducted from your credit card.

How are the rates calculated?

Your billing cycle will be based on the Rental Period as specified in the rental form. The Rental Charge applies to full days only or part thereof (not fractional days). This is in line with most rental industries’ standard (eg cars, DVD, ipads etc). Late charges of S$25/day will accrue if the device(s) is/are not returned within 1 calendar day after the end of the Rental Period.

Is there any cancellation fee/refund?

We are able to refund the rental cost only if a cancellation notice is sent to us 3 days before the start of the Rental Period as specified in your rental form. Upon receiving your notice, we will proceed to refund the rental cost and remove the authorization charge on your credit card.

In the event that you are unable to give a cancellation notice 3 days in advance, the rental cost will be forfeited. The authorization charge will still be removed from your credit card.

How do I extend the rental period?

Email us at to request for an extension and we will try our best to accommodate your request.